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Aerospace Ground Equipment


Minimum Education Requirement:
high school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


high school graduategeneralmechanicalenlistedelectronics & electricsmaintenance & repaircomputers & computer scienceaircraft

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Aerospace Ground Equipment

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Aerospace Ground Equipment

Career Description

For every hour a plane spends in the air, it spends dozens of hours on the ground being maintained and prepped. Those in the Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) field are responsible for maintaining the equipment that supplies electricity, as well as hydraulic pressure and air pressure, as planes receive maintenance and prepare for flight. Without AGE equipment, our planes would be nothing more than paperweights.

Career Tasks

  • Use hardware and soldering techniques, technical data and everyday tools
  • Master the principles of electronics, refrigeration, hydraulics, power generation, reciprocating engines (gasoline and diesel), gas turbine engines, pneumatics and heating
  • Service, inspect and troubleshoot, repair and perform preventive maintenance on motor- and engine-driven generator sets, air conditioners, hydraulic test stands, air compressors, bomb lifts, heaters and other similar support equipment

Relevant Interests & Skills

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Computer Science
  • Problem-solving
  • Working with Your Hands
  • Working with Aircraft


After eight and a half weeks of Basic Military Training, every Airman goes to technical training to learn their career. Here's the basic information about Aerospace Ground Equipment technical training:

School location: Sheppard AFB [TX]

Length of course: 95 days

College degree earned: Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology

College credits earned: 36