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Air Battle Manager (ABM)


Minimum Education Requirement:
bachelor's degree


college graduateofficerflightaircraftweaponry & materielcomputers & computer science

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Air Battle Manager (ABM)

Career Description

During lightning-fast air combat, every decision makes an impact. And the Officers making all of those decisions—right down to choosing the right aircraft for the mission—are the Air Battle Managers (ABM). They use strategy, experience and an intimate knowledge of all aircraft, weapons and surveillance to ensure success. By controlling the battle space and establishing big-picture situational awareness, ABMs plan and execute the entire theater air operation. Their expertise is also often called upon in an advisory role by other allied military forces.

Career Tasks

  • Plan and execute theater air operations
  • Analyze national defense strategy
  • Develop and conduct flying and simulation exercises
  • Conduct, manage, evaluate and improve unit training and readiness
  • Create operational policies

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Aircraft
  • Weaponry and Materiel
  • Computers and Computer Science

Becoming an Officer

To become an Officer in the Air Force, you'll enter a rigorous nine-week Officer Training School that will challenge you physically and mentally while preparing you to be a leader.