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Chaplain Officer


Minimum Education Requirement:
post-graduate degree in the field of theology or related studies from a qualifying graduate degree program with no less than 72 semester hours from an accredited institution; two years of religious leadership experience


college graduateofficerspecialtyhealth & medicinebusiness, operations & administration

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Chaplain Officer

Career Description

Nothing tests religious beliefs more than the situations our Airmen face every day. They rely on chaplains whose special calling has led them to provide ministry, counseling and moral support to those of any faith. Traveling the world to wherever there's a need, a chaplain must also be able to instantly establish a spiritual center for the unit whether it's in a base chapel or a desert tent. And with none of the administrative duties of running a parish, chaplains are free to lead worship services and observances, privately counsel individuals in times of need and consult with officers on moral, ethical and quality-of-life issues.

To learn more please visit the Chaplain website.

Career Tasks

  • Establish a spiritual center in any location
  • Counsel Airmen on a wide range of issues
  • Organize and observe religious holidays
  • Understand all major theologies

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Health and Medicine
  • Business, Operations and Administration

Becoming an Officer

To ease your transition into the Air Force, you'll enter a five-week training regimen designed to educate you on the ways of the military. You'll participate in physical conditioning five days a week, leadership training and classroom studies.