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Combat Rescue Officer


Minimum Education Requirement:
bachelor's degree


college graduateofficernontechnicalhealth & medicineintelligencespecial operationsemergency management & response

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Combat Rescue Officer

Career Description

Some of the most courageous Airmen in the Air Force are those dedicated to the rescue and recovery of injured servicemen from the front lines. Alone and immobile, the injured are often extremely vulnerable and thus need a swift, effective rescue evacuation. Combat Rescue Officers organize and strategize recovery missions, train and equip rescue personnel and manage and develop survival skills programs. They also deploy into direct combat as a team member, team leader or mission commander or provide expert insights to plan and control special reconnaissance, terminal control and recovery operations.

To learn more, please visit the Special Operations site.

Career Tasks

  • Strategize and conduct rescue and recovery operations
  • Manage rescue programs and training
  • Survey and control the aerospace surface interface

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Health and Medicine
  • Intelligence
  • Special Operations
  • Emergency Management and Response

Becoming an Officer

To become an Officer in the Air Force, you'll enter a rigorous nine-week Officer Training School that will challenge you physically and mentally while preparing you to be a leader.