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Combat Systems Officer (CSO)

Career Description

Standing at the forefront of technology, Combat Systems Officers (CSO) serve as the mission commanders for electronic warfare, weapons systems and navigation. As trained experts, CSOs employ kinetic and non-kinetic weapons to dominate the battle space and deliver unmatched airpower and mobility to the fight. Air Force CSOs deploy around the globe and operate from an aircraft, such as a bomber, a fighter or an electronic warfare and mobility aircraft. But no matter where they are, their job is always to use their skills in aircraft employment and advanced weapon systems to accomplish the mission.

Career Tasks

  • Master principles and techniques of all aircraft operations and weapons systems platforms
  • Develop expertise on intelligence, surveillance and targeting
  • Coordinate strikes and mission support tasks for special operations and ground forces

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Aircraft
  • Weaponry and Materiel
  • Intelligence
  • Computers and Computer Science

Becoming an Officer

To become an Officer in the Air Force, you'll enter a rigorous nine-week Officer Training School that will challenge you physically and mentally while preparing you to be a leader.