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Command and Control Battle Management Operations


Minimum Education Requirement:
high school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


high school graduategeneralenlistedelectronics & electricscomputers & computer scienceengineering & applied science

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Command and Control Battle Management Operations

Career Description

Defending our air space from intruders requires constant vigilance. As a Command and Control Battle Management Operations specialist, you'll be part of a global team using the most sophisticated radar systems to detect aircraft in friendly and combat air spaces. Whether you’re permanently based in the United States, Europe or Asia or part of a mobile ground radar control unit, your role will be vital to our national defense system.

Career Tasks

  • Manage and operate command and control systems, including functions involving warfare support, surveillance, data link management, aircraft identification and weapons control/intercept
  • Provide radar control and monitoring of air weapons during offensive and defensive air operations
  • Make decisions in the conduct of air operations and in system equipment management
  • Proficient use of the Joint Surveillance System, the main component of the North American air defense structure and responsible for the defense of the continental United States and Canada from airborne attack
  • Understand employment and use of the Ground Theater Air Control System, a highly mobile system that supports joint forces operations at deployed locations and is responsible for defensive and offensive airborne operations within an assigned area

Relevant Interests & Skills

  • Science
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology Integration/Management
  • Mathematics


After eight and a half weeks of Basic Military Training, every Airman goes to technical training to learn their career. Here's the basic information about Command and Control Battle Management Operations technical training:

School location: Keesler AFB [MS]

Length of course: 28 days

College degree earned: Air and Space Operations Technology

College credits earned: 14