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Command Post


Minimum Education Requirement:
high school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


high school graduategeneralenlistedweaponry & materielintelligenceemergency management & response

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Command Post

Career Description

In the center of all the action is where Command Post specialists work, often alongside the base Wing Commander. Specific tasks vary from base to base, but the basic job is to help facilitate the primary base mission. If you're on a nuclear missile base, you'll help the commander stay in contact with higher level command. On bases with busy flight lines, you'll schedule flights, loading and unloading cargo, aircraft maintenance and more. Command Post specialists are essential to making sure a base operates smoothly and effectively.

Career Tasks

  • Operate a command post center that is linked together by telephone networks, radio communications, computers and alerting systems
  • Keep Air Force commanders advised of the status of aircraft that are flying, on ground alert or in routine maintenance
  • Operate equipment to control the launch of missiles; direct the takeoff and monitor the location of aircraft; and put into action plans and orders for such things as aircraft emergencies, civil disasters and high-priority activities that could affect the survival of our nation

Relevant Interests & Skills

  • Weaponry
  • Intelligence
  • Emergency Management


After eight and a half weeks of Basic Military Training, every Airman goes to technical training to learn their career. Here's the basic information about Command Post technical training:

School location: Keesler AFB [MS]

Length of course: 31 days

College degree earned: Emergency Management

College credits earned: 13