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Diet Therapy


Minimum Education Requirement:
high school diploma or GED with 15 college credits


high school graduategeneralenlistedhealth & medicinenatural sciencebusiness, operations & administration

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Diet Therapy

Career Description

There are many things that can help speed the recovery of an Airman from illnesses, medical procedures and wounds—physical therapy, medication and even Diet Therapy. In this field, you'll learn how to plan and prepare meals designed to help the body recover faster and stay healthier. You'll also lead classes that teach Airmen how to maintain their health with a proper diet so they can avoid issues like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The healthier our Airmen are, the better, and your efforts will help ensure our force is operating to its maximum potential.

Career Tasks

  • Be proficient in the areas of nutrition, modified diet preparation and service, patient diet instruction, menu writing and a wide variety of other functions associated with food service in hospitals
  • Help Air Force personnel develop healthy eating habits
  • Help Air Force personnel who need to lose weight

Relevant Interests & Skills

  • Health and Medicine
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Business, Operations and Administration


After eight and a half weeks of Basic Military Training, every Airman goes to technical training to learn their career. Here's the basic information about Diet Therapy technical training:

School location: Fort Sam Houston [TX]

Length of course: 33 days

College degree earned: Dietetics and Nutrition

College credits earned: 8