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Emergency Room Nurse


Minimum Education Requirement:
bachelor's or master's degree in nursing from a school accredited by the NLN or CCNE


healthcare professionalhealthcarenursinghealth & medicinenatural sciencebusiness, operations & administration

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Life as an Air Force Nurse

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Emergency Room Nurse

Career Description

As you can imagine, being an Emergency Room Nurse in the Air Force can be a bit different than in a civilian setting. Stateside, the cases will be similar to the ones you see now. But if you go overseas, you could be called on to handle cases that push your skills to the limit and beyond. Aside from professional challenges and growth, you'll also be commissioned as an officer, meaning you'll receive instant respect from doctors and patients alike.

To learn more, please visit the Healthcare Professionals site.

Career Tasks

  • Provide provision of care that ranges from birth, death, injury prevention, women's health, disease and lifesaving and limb-saving measures
  • Treat patients of all ages requiring stabilization and/or resuscitation for a variety of illnesses and injuries that occur in a variety of settings, including during a contingency or natural-disaster setting
  • Minimal care to life-support measures, patient and family education, appropriate referral and discharge planning and knowledge of legal implications
  • Provide primary, secondary and tertiary care and on the wellness-illness continuum
  • Triage and use assessment skills during contingency operations, as well as peacetime, to save life and limb

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this career if you have interests in these areas:

  • Health and Medicine
  • Natural Science
  • Business, Operations and Administration

Becoming a Commissioned Officer

To ease your transition into the Air Force, you'll enter a five-week training regimen designed to educate you on the ways of both the military and military healthcare. You'll participate in physical conditioning five days a week, leadership training and classroom studies.