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Judge Advocate Officer—JAG (Attorney)


Minimum Education Requirement:
graduate of an ABA-approved law school and admitted to the highest court of any state or the federal bar


college graduateofficerspecialtylawbusiness, operations & administration

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Practice law on a completely different level.A legal career like no other

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Judge Advocate Officer—JAG (Attorney)

Career Description

The pursuit of justice is at the center of every Air Force objective. So the rights of our Airmen are naturally held in the highest regard, defended and supported by top legal minds like our Air Force Judge Advocates (JAG). A JAG handles a wide variety of legal issues, gaining unmatched, real-world experience in the practice of law. Initially litigating courts-martial as a prosecutor, they have the potential to become defense counsel, offer counsel on multimillion-dollar contracts, assist deploying Airmen with legal issues and provide critical counsel to Air Force commanders around the world. The legal issues they encounter are wide-ranging, including criminal law, government contract law, labor law, international law, environmental and real property law.

To learn more, please visit or call (800) JAG-USAF.

Career Tasks

  • Practice law expertise
  • Uphold the rights of Airmen
  • Handle a wide range of legal issues

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Law
  • Business, Operations and Administration

Becoming an Officer

To ease your transition into the Air Force, you'll enter a five-week training regimen designed to educate you on the ways of the military. You'll participate in physical conditioning five days a week, leadership training and classroom studies.