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Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer

Career Description

Air Force weapons and missiles help us project our presence around the world with extraordinary power and accuracy, but even the smallest malfunction can put our units at risk. Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officers formulate and implement unparalleled maintenance procedures that ensure our arsenal is always fully stocked, highly functional and ready to be deployed. They also manage storage and distribution as well as continually upgrade system efficiencies to meet operational objectives and enhance safety. Conventional munitions, nuclear weapons and missile maintenance are all addressed. Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officers are needed worldwide and can often be called upon to deliver or repair large weapons in remote sites.

Career Tasks

  • Formulate maintenance procedures
  • Build integrated logistics support plans
  • Develop maintenance support structures

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Weaponry and Materiel
  • Space
  • Computers and Computer Science
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Maintenance and Repair

Becoming an Officer

To become an Officer in the Air Force, you'll enter a rigorous nine-week Officer Training School that will challenge you physically and mentally while preparing you to be a leader.