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Special Investigations Officer


Minimum Education Requirement:
bachelor's degree


college graduateofficernontechnicallawemergency management & response

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Special Investigations Officer

Career Description

Internal security is crucial to the Air Force's ability to advance our objectives. The need for all Airmen to be able to trust and rely on each other is incalculable. That's why Special Investigations Officers focus on conducting investigations into criminal, fraud, counterintelligence and other security concerns. They manage investigations both within the Air Force and outside it, teaming up with other military branches and agencies such as the U.S. State Department and the Secret Service. Special Investigations Officers also conduct counterespionage operations targeting foreign intelligence services, perform interrogations, provide testimony in legal proceedings and prepare awareness briefings on the threat posed by terrorists, subversive groups and other hostile entities.

Career Tasks

  • Coordinate and conduct joint investigations
  • Analyze and disseminate information collected
  • Provide counterintelligence support

Relevant Interests & Skills

You might like this position if you have interests in these areas:

  • Law
  • Emergency Management and Response

Becoming an Officer

To become an Officer in the Air Force, you'll enter a rigorous nine-week Officer Training School that will challenge you physically and mentally while preparing you to be a leader.