Healthcare Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • “What Do Air Force Healthcare Professionals Do in Peacetime?” Our mission is the healthcare of our service members and their families. A majority of Air Force healthcare professionals work in clinics and hospitals much like our civilian counterparts.
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Training and Education

Healthcare Professionals in the Air Force provide the highest quality care, and they do it by staying on top of the latest innovations in the medical field. The Air Force provides healthcare professionals a wide array of funded educational and career-broadening opportunities.

Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)

The Air Force offers scholarships for healthcare professionals to include: one- and two-year for Allied Health specialties (Pharmacists, Optometrists, Clinical Psychologists and Public Health Officers), two- and three-year for Nurse Corps specialties and three- and four-year for Medical Corps and Dental Corps. This scholarship covers all tuition and required fees, including textbooks, small equipment items and supplies needed for study. You will also receive a monthly allowance for living expenses. While on scholarship, you will spend 45 days on active duty in the Air Force, and once you graduate, you will serve active duty (one year for each year of scholarship, with a minimum of three years).

Financial Assistance Program (FAP)

The Air Force Financial Assistance Program for medical and dental residencies can help you complete your residency without having to worry about finances. You will receive more than $45,000 for every year you participate in the program and receive a stipend of over $2,000 a month to cover living expenses. Upon completion of your residency, you’ll have a one-year obligation for each year of participation, plus one extra year.

Additional Graduate Medical Education (GME)

The Air Force offers residency and fellowship programs in a wide variety of specialties, from aerospace medicine to urology. Nearly all residencies are integrated or affiliated with civilian universities.

Medical Research

The Air Force is known for conducting cutting-edge research. We offer opportunities for healthcare professionals to pursue research in conjunction with the Department of Defense, local, national and international government as well as academic institutions and industry. You’ll also have the chance to pursue physiological optics research, further supporting the Air Force air and space mission.

Continuing Medical Education

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) program helps you meet your professional continuing education requirements. The Air Force will make sure you have the opportunity to get CME that benefits your job experience.