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You have a degree (or you will soon), and you're ready to put your knowledge to work. As a JAG, you'll have a fulfilling career from day one, with opportunities to practice law in various areas while working with a team of people who want you to succeed.


If you have completed your second year of law school or have completed two-thirds of your degree requirements, you may apply for a direct appointment as a JAG.

Applicant requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must be on track to graduate from, or a recent graduate of, an ABA-approved law school Juris Doctor program
  • Must be commissioned before the age of 35
  • If selected, you must complete and pass an Air Force medical examination and obtain admission to practice in the highest court of any U.S. state, commonwealth, territory or the District of Columbia before an offer of assignment will be extended to you.

Service Commitment

You do not incur a service commitment until you accept your JAG assignment. The initial active duty commitment is four years, which begins on the day you depart for Commissioned Officer Training (COT).

Prior Military Service

If you are selected for direct appointment and are prior active duty, National Guard or Reserve, you will be credited by length of service for pay purposes. Prior commissioned service can also advance entry grade and date of rank. All active duty service is credited toward retirement.

How to Apply

Selection boards are held in April, October and December. Applications are accepted through our online application processing system. You must also schedule a hiring interview with a Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) at any Air Force Base (AFB) through the online application processing system. Take steps to schedule interviews as early as possible—before the 15th of the month, prior to the month of the board you wish to meet. The deadline for completion of the online application and hiring interview is the first of the month that the board meets. After the interview, the SJA will prepare a report that is forwarded to HQ USAF/JAX.

Air Force Base Locations

To schedule an appointment for a hiring interview, please contact a Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) at the AFB near you through the online application processing system. You can find a map of all AFB locations here:

Base Locations

You must upload the following items when applying:
Note: Images must be jpg and no larger than 1MB. PDFs must be no larger than 3MB.

  • Full-length color photograph (5" x 7" or 8" x 10", jpg)
  • Motivational statement (limited to one page, double-spaced, one-inch margins and 11-point Times New Roman font, PDF)
  • Résumé
  • Official law school transcripts (originals, PDFs)
  • Official undergraduate transcripts (originals, PDFs)
  • LSAT percentile (can be the report that was mailed to you—you do not need to activate your LSDAS/LSAC account, PDF)
  • DD Form 214 (if prior military)—officer performance reports or enlisted performance reports (if applicable, PDF)
  • Writing sample (optional, 10 pages or less, PDF)
  • Bar certificate or letter of good standing (if you are an attorney, PDF)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (optional, up to five letters, PDFs)

Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters should be written by someone who can attest to his or her observations of your work ethic, duty performance, leadership potential, etc. Address all letters to “Selection Board Members” at the address below. DO NOT mail recommendation letters directly to the selection board. Rather, upload them as part of your online application.

1500 W. Perimeter Rd., Ste. 3330
Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762
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