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  • Please note that you are required to request a new Staff Judge Advocate interview if your last interview occurred more than 10 months from the application deadline.
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  • In ROTC? You can delay active duty to get a law degree through JAG Corps.
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As a JAG, your career path can literally take you around the world. This is not a job that will keep you confined to one office for 20 years. Assignments are determined by a variety of factors, including preferences, availability and the needs of the Air Force. JAGs typically move to new assignments every couple of years and practice at multiple bases over the course of a career.

Additionally, you may be deployed to support a variety of Air Force missions in critical locations. All JAGs are eligible to deploy and should expect to do so at least once in their career.

Locations of deployments include Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Bosnia, Kuwait, Qatar, Germany and Colombia. Air Force JAGs typically deploy for 179 days and practice law when deployed. You will provide legal assistance to Airmen, advise commanders on the laws of armed conflict, represent or prosecute Airmen in court-martials and other adverse actions, advise on contracts and fiscal law, work on detainee operations task forces and participate in rule-of-law development.