Commissioned Officer Training

Begin with a Profession. Finish with a Mission. Play Video

Commissioned Officer Training is a five-week program designed to help ease your transition from
the healthcare, legal or religious professions in the private sector into military life. Through physical
conditioning, training and classroom studies, you’ll develop into an Officer and a leader in the
United States Air Force. The course is aligned in a four-phase approach.

Commissioned Officer Training Phases:

Orientation background image Orientation background image


In the first phase of Commissioned Officer Training, you’ll be provided with the shared common military experience, which focuses on teamwork, discipline and standardization.

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In the second phase, you’ll develop your leadership skills and military knowledge. You and your fellow trainees will also develop teamwork as you are directed to complete certain tasks together.

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Application background image Application background image


In the third phase, you’ll apply the leadership techniques you’ve learned as you assume the position of a leader. You’ll be tasked with managing your team through assigned missions.

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You’ll finish the course with your leadership development being tested. You’ll receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as you prepare to transition from a training environment to the operational Air Force.

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