Humanitarian Efforts

Providing hope however we can

The Air Force doesn't just use its resources to serve the military mission, it also uses them to serve mankind. In any type of humanitarian crisis, we perform a variety of missions to aid those in need. Explore some of the many ways we use our resources to serve others.

Providing hope however we can
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Humanitarian Missions

Air Deliveries

On humanitarian missions, the quickest - and sometimes the only - way to get supplies...
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A Critical Care Air Transport Team, or CCAT, is a specialized medical team...
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Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, is a machine that provides...
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Especially in large natural disasters, the most important factor in the relief effort...
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The Air Force believes in using its resources to make positive changes in the world...
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Fire Response

The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves lead the Air Force's firefighting...
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The Air Force has incredibly skilled search and rescue teams...
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