Science of the Air Force

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See how lasers work and how the U.S. Air Force is innovating with these powerful beams of light.
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Micro Air Vehicles

Is it possible to shrink an aircraft to the size of your thumbnail? It is in the U.S. Air Force.
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Find out what g-forces are and how we prepare our pilots for the intensity of flight.
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Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Learn the science behind flying an aircraft from thousands of miles away.
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GPS & Satellites

Learn the history and the science behind our GPS system.
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Supersonic Flight

What happens when you fly faster than the speed of sound (and then faster than that)?
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Forces in Flight

From commercial planes to fighter jets, flight boils down to these principles.
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Want to help the Air Force create the future? Read about your career options and see some of our Airmen in action.

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