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Our top priority is taking care of our Airmen. You can relax knowing your child will receive fantastic benefits regardless of their career path.


All Air Force members receive regular pay increases based on their rank and duration of time in service. They also receive cost-of-living increases and a monthly food allowance and are eligible for tax-free housing. Enlisted members also receive a yearly clothing allowance. If your son or daughter becomes a healthcare professional, they may receive special incentive pay, substantial annual bonuses and continued educational opportunities.


We offer great healthcare benefits. As an Air Force member, your child will receive comprehensive medical and dental care, as well as receive full pay and allowances for any sick days needed. If your son or daughter has a spouse or children of their own, they too may receive medical care at military or civilian facilities for little or no cost.


Air Force members are eligible for retirement after 20 years of service—one of the earliest retirements in any field. Another perk of our retirement plan is that it doesn’t require payroll deductions while on active duty, and benefits go into effect the very day your child retires. If they would like to save a little extra each month, all Airmen are also eligible for the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), which allows participants to place a portion of their monthly pay into an account similar to a 401(k) investment plan.

Housing Allowance

Enlisted Airmen live in dormitories located on base. If they’re married, they have the option to live in on-base housing/apartments. Their living expenses, including utilities and maintenance, are covered by us. If they decide to live off base, they receive a monthly tax-free housing allowance based on their rank and geographic location.

Food Allowances

We’ll even see that your child eats well with food allowances. Single enlisted Airmen are eligible to receive meal accounts, allowing them to eat as many as four meals a day for free in the on-base dining facility, which provides a nice variety of home-cooked meals as well as fast-food options. Regardless of career path, your child will also be able to shop at the tax-free grocery and department stores on base.