Air Force Special Operations Command

America's specialized air power, providing worldwide forward presence, engagement, information operations, precision strike and special operations forces.

AFSOC units that carry out the mission around the globe:

Combat Control Apprentice

Combat Control (males only)

This person is the tip of the spear. He's part air-traffic controller — often in remote, hostile places — precision free-fall parachutist, SCUBA diver, expert motorcyclist and skilled in various military weaponry. Plus he's an expert in maps and survival capable of living on his own in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time establishing assault zones, provide an air-traffic control capability and controlling offensive air-strike operations.

Pararescueman Apprentice

Pararescue (Males only)

Pararescue is one of the most challenging jobs in the Air Force, and it requires extensive medical and physical training. You'll be on call 24/7 and may be called on to infiltrate enemy lines to accomplish your mission of saving stranded service members. While it's one of the most demanding jobs around, people are jumping at the chance to be a part of such a respected team.

Special Operations Weather Apprentice

Special Operations Weather Team Specialist (Males only)

In events where inclement weather and environmental conditions can impact military operations or the local populace, special operations weathermen provide on-scene data collection and mission-enhancing forecasts. These Airmen possess highly technical skill sets combined with the latest military technology, enabling them to integrate environmental effects to ongoing operations and planning. These critical enablers are components of the Air Force's Special Tactics teams and are attached to Special Operations Force elements for deployment in nonpermissive and politically sensitive areas of operation.

Tactical Air Control Party Apprentice

Tactical Air Control Party Specialist (TACP) (Males only)

Airmen who deploy to forward battlefield areas in support of conventional Army maneuver units, Special Operations Forces and Ranger units, being a Tactical Air Control Party Apprentice (TACP) is a very physically, mentally and technically demanding job. Highly sought-after throughout the world for the overwhelming combat power and lethality they bring to bear on the battlefield, TACPs are rich in combat experience and military tradition.