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Transferring from Air Force Active Duty?

The Air Force offers two separate programs for Active Duty Airmen transitioning to the Air Force Reserve. Contact your in-service recruiter for more details on requirements and how to get started.

  • Palace Chase

    For active-duty Airmen who have served half of their enlistment, are interested in leaving, but do not have a separation date.


    When you transfer into the Air Force Reserve through the Palace Chase program you will continue to grow valuable career skills and benefits.

    Early Release

    Airmen approaching the halfway point of their first enlistment, or Officers near two-thirds of their commitment can apply. If accepted, the term of enlistment with the Guard depends on the amount of time left on the initial active-duty contract.

  • Palace Front

    For active-duty Airmen who have chosen to leave the Air Force and are within six months of completing their enlistment contract.

    Part-Time / Full-Time

    You can serve in the location of your choice either full-time or part-time, one weekend per month and two weeks per year.


    When you transfer through the Palace Front program you can maintain your rank and current job or cross-train into another. You'll also continue enjoying the benefits of the Air Force without any break.

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