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Whether you currently serve, are interested in joining or want to stay connected to friends and family who serve, let the Aim High app be your guide for U.S. Air Force news, events and career opportunities.

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Stay informed and inspired by all the opportunities the Air Force has to offer.

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Strengthen your knowledge by exploring careers, playing games and keeping up with Air Force news.

  • Explore over 200 careers, learn what they entail and what’s required to pursue them.
  • See if you have what it takes to complete missions like real Airmen in games that test relevant skills.
  • Stay updated on Air Force news with videos and articles featuring Airmen and their initiatives.
Military officer giving instruction to the trainee before the exercise


For a more personal and engaging Air Force experience, attend an event or connect with recruiters in your area.

  • If you’d like to learn more about joining the Air Force, you can find a recruiter by searching a map of your local area.
  • From air shows to NASCAR races, keep track of exciting Air Force events across the country.
  • Recruiters, you can use this app to reach out to recruits.
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Take your interest in the Air Force to the next level by learning fitness routines, traditions and even following new Airmen as they start training.

  • Discover fitness routines and nutrition guides to help you prepare for the physical demands of being an Airman.
  • Learn about the culture of the Air Force, from its core values to the different ranks you can earn.
  • Follow a real flight of Airmen as they go through Basic Military Training (BMT) to gain insight into what you can expect if you enlist.