airmen working on aircraft

Executive Mission Aviator

Keeping Us Steps Ahead from Miles Above

When it comes to completing our missions, it takes a keen eye and a unique skill set to keep them on track. It’s our Executive Mission Aviators who ensure our aircraft and aircrew are properly equipped every time. They supervise these operations, manage our communication systems and instruct personnel on all needed procedures to meet the demands of delivery or battle when the time arises.

What you’ll do



How do we transform you from a raw recruit to an expert Airman in this field? From hands-on experience to college credit toward a degree, the path begins here.

  • Basic Military Training

    7.5 weeks

  • Military Training Location

    Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX

key things to consider


You must meet several requirements before joining the Air Force. These concern your background, overall health and other standards set by the Air Force, Department of Defense and federal law.