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Cyber Direct Commissioning

Secure your future and ours

Cyberspace Operations Officers are experts in the ever-changing world of cyberspace responsible for a wide range of weaponry, training, and intelligence efficiencies. The success of every mission depends on these Airmen and their ability to adapt to and outpace new developments in the field. To secure our nation's continued leadership in cyberspace, our specialty Cyber Direct Commissioning Program is providing opportunities for highly qualified professionals with cyberspace education and/or experience to accelerate their Air Force careers with a direct appointment into Cyberspace Warfare Operations.


cyber direct commissioning standards

Civilians and military personnel are eligible to accelerate their Air Force careers with the Cyber Direct Commissioning Program. View below for qualifications.

The Air Force Advantage

Elevate and Accelerate your career

A career in the Air Force isn't just a job, it's a calling. The Cyber Direct Commissioning Program is a fast track to utilizing your valuable skills in the noblest way: to serve your country and protect your fellow countrymen from threats in cyberspace and beyond.

  • Civilians welcome.

    Not enlisted? Not a problem. Qualified civilians are eligible for an accelerated appointment into Cyberspace Warfare Operations career field with constructive service credit in the ranks of Lieutenant through Colonel. And it starts with a chat with a recruiter. 

  • Already enlisted? We want you too.

    Enlisted and/or civilian military personnel with qualifying experience can accelerate their careers with an appointment to Cyberspace Warfare Operations. To start the process, click here.

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